Teehan+Lax has a reputation bigger than their size and location might warrant. They’ve built this reputation on the principles of openness and sharing.

Despite being relatively small and Canadian, Teehan+Lax has managed to gain a following within the global design community by making useful tools that are freely accessible to all. They’ve become the goto source for iOS PSD templates, recently releasing an iOS 7 pack just days after Apple announced the update.

They also have a pretty wicked website. A couple things to notice are the randomized homepage graphics, the always-hidden nav menu, and the ultra in-depth case studies. They don’t ignore the details either. One very nice touch (and an important one given that T+L is home to some of the longest scrolling pages I’ve ever seen) is the animated navigation bar. It hides itself away obediently as soon as downward scrolling begins,but scroll up, even for a split-second, and it pops right back into view ready to serve.

Keeping with their philosophy of sharing, the company bio reads more like a piece of long-form journalism. Any aspiring designer or agency in its infancy can learn a lot from the mistakes and successes outlined in ‘The Story of Our Company – The Making of Teehan+Lax‘.

T+L have also got some pretty cool projects on the go over at Teehan+Lax Labs. One project of note is Hyperlapse, which allows the user to create a time-lapse video using Google Street View. Head over to the demo page to try it out.

Oh, and they also designed the brand identity and UI for Medium in close partnership with the Obvious Corporation (the guys who started a little website you might have heard of).

The Teehan+Lax team makes pretty epic sh*t


Case study for Shipwire


The full-screen drop-down menu with white space galore


An example of the random front-page graphic


The UI guide for Medium